About Walrus Apparel

Walrus Apparel sells premium quality golf clothing and accessories direct. No middleman , no layers of distribution, no player endorsement or retailer markup just the very best quality products without the price tag.  Our range of apparel offers sophisticated designs combined with a flattering fit and the very best performance fabrics which speak to the modern day man. 

As featured in many golf publications with great reviews.


Each collection is designed around an active lifestyle, whether it be on the course, at the gym or relaxing with friends.

The styles are designed using purposeful fabrics and prints to suit the wear ability of the garment.

Fed up of having to pay $100+ for a golf polo , or having to wait until the product is 2-3 seasons old before the price is realistic or is the quality not what you would expect from a top brand?

Our collections are modern and fresh and change regular. We will not compromise on anything from quality to packaging, we pay close attention to detail with each garment, selecting the right fabrics so not only do they feel super comfy to wear but perform. 

We are biased, but believe our polo's are the best in the business.

Why ?

Our polo's are made from high quality fabric, moisture wicking, UV protection, but also feature our hidden button down collars. This ensures the look and shape of the polos will stay great time after time.

We pride ourselves on delivering the same quality and attention to detail across all our collections.

Our Packaging and Delivery

Our huddle of long tusked Walruses are ready awaiting your order, once your order is placed, their whiskers twitch with excitement to go and retrieve your product from our vast Artic ocean warehouse, once located your goods are carefully checked and packed. Due to time delays with Walrus mail (they are a tad too slow on land), we have hired the help of Royal Mail to get your goods to you on time, and the best bit - We don't charge shipping on any US Orders over $75+

Our Service

We love our customers, yes we really do ! and our motto is total customer satisfaction, we want you to come back to us time after time. So our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have, if there is ever a problem we aim to put it right whatever the cost. Get in touch we won't bite :) If you love our products as much as we do, let us know we would love to hear from you.

We are passionate about our customers , our people and our brand , we are here to take care of you. 

If you need anything or want to contact me directly, please do

Huw Morgan

Founder - Walrus Apparel